Wire Based Rug Clips


Size: 1 1/2″ X 2 1/2″


Designed to hang on a bar. Base is made of wire and the top portion is strong rug clip.

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Description: Strong wire based clips. Suitable for hanging rugs on 5/8″ flat bar.The size of top portion of the clip is 1.25″X1.50″. The jaws are strong enough to bear the heavy load of rugs. The top portion actually locks the jaw. It can be hanged over a heavy string or metal rod. The base portion is made of strong wire to stay on the metallic rods while hanging. This design gives equal power of holding the rug as that of our standard rug clip but offers more flexibility in hanging. The bent part of base wire offers an opening of 1 cm to 0.5 cm that actually could be the diameter string or metal rod where this clips is required to hang.

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 2 × 1.5 × 1.25 cm

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