Soft Rug Clips for Thin and Delicate Rugs, Quilts and vinyl sheet hanging


Product specifications

The size of the top portion of the clip is 2.25″X1.50″ inches (57mmX38mm). The width of rubber pad at jaws is 36 mm and thickness of each rubber pad 5.5mm. The maximum opening of jaws is 23 mm. The jaws are wide enough to have the strong grip the rugs. The top portion locks the jaw only when it is holding the rug.

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Product Description
These clips are designed to hold the soft rugs and quilts. The other types of rug clips that hold the rugs with the alligator jaws can damage the soft and delicate rugs especially when they are hanged for few days. These clips are designed specially to overcome this problem. The rugs are engaged between two rubber pads that keep it compressed with their soft surfaces. The rubber pads are inserted on the holding-edge and the whole grip it derived from the compression of the two flexible soft rubber pads. The width of each rubber pads (36mm or 1.40 inches) offers enough area to grip the rugs and resist to slip out.


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